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Graduate Lab.

Graduate Lab.

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Medical Engineering Program Lab

Medical Engineering Program Lab.

Advisor : Chuang-Chien Chiu ,Shyan-Lung Lin

Control Features Lab

Control Features Lab.

Advisor : San-Shan Hung

 Lithography and optical Lab

Lithography and optical Lab.

Advisor : Chern-Sheng Lin

  Servo Control Lab

Servo Control Lab.

Advisor : Jiann-Lih Hwang , Shiaw-Wu Chen

 Design and Integration Lab

MEMS Design and Integration Lab.

Advisor : Thong-Shing Hwang , Chin-Yuh Lin

 System Design and Analysis Lab

System Design and Analysis Lab.

Advisor : Nan-Jou Lin

 MEMS test and measurement automation Lab

MEMS test and measurement automation Lab.

Advisor : Hsing-Cheng Chang , Chi-Chii Lai

 Microsystems Technology Lab

Microsystems Technology Lab.

Advisor:C. F. Tsou